First National Real Estate | Quality Assurance

The First National Real Estate Quality Assurance programme began in 1998, with a vision to develop a quality system within each office throughout Australia.

It was determined that the development of a quality driven network would standardise and lift service performance to even greater heights. Quality Assurance accredition gives First National Real Estate customers confidence they'll receive outstanding service.

What does accreditation to Quality Assurance mean for our customers?

First National Real Estate has developed the best systems and documented procedures to make sure that every customer:

  • Is assured of working with an established and reputable company
  • Experiences excellent customer service
  • Achieves the highest possible price for their property
  • Receives effective, regular and informative communication
  • Encounters a friendly, co-operative and experienced team
  • Uncovers no nasty surprises

To achieve Quality Assurance accreditation, First National Real Estate members must:

  • Attend a comprehensive training programme
  • Develop systems and documented procedures to describe all aspects of the business
  • Develop and document office management systems
  • Submit their office procedures manual to a quality systems auditor
  • Regularly review and update their quality system
  • Attend on-going training to keep up to date and identify opportunities for improvement